Paid media marketing

O2 delivers our customers exceptional paid media marketing results through Search Engine Marketing and Paid Social.​

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)​​

O2 are experts in maximising returns through Search Engine Marketing, Programmatic, Remarketing or Display Advertising.

Most digital advertising strategies rely on paid inclusion of brands into search engine listings or referral placements. This strategy can cause overcrowding in targeted placements of which most campaigns generally combat with increased spending. O2 approaches SEM with a data-driven lens, allowing us to filter out irrelevant and unnecessary traffic. We instead drive the right audiences through to the suitable conversion events while simultaneously monitoring your Return on Investment (ROI).

Already have an SEM campaign on the go? No problem. We can apply our extensive knowledge and conduct an audit on any existing SEM campaigns and deliver practical recommendations that leverage your ongoing digital strategy. What differentiates us from other agencies is our unique data-driven approach. We want to understand your brand, data, industry, and the products and services that you are passionate about.

Marketing automation

Paid social

O2 is a data-driven marketing agency that takes paid social media marketing to the next level, focusing on data, analytics, and a return on investment. Our trusted, hardworking team are here to work with your brand to effectively manage your social media presence and engage your customers through digital marketing and data science.

We develop and execute tailored social media packages to address the widening gap between social media, brand exposure and leveraging these against data science.

We realise you operate in a highly dynamic environment and are prepared to meet your ongoing and ever-changing needs to get results and remain competitive.

Our goal is to provide data-driven solutions to today’s paid social media marketing challenges and help create a social presence that will be successful long into the future.

Social Media Marketing